Tomar Knights Templar Private Tour

from Lisbon, Portugal
Price varies by group size
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Head to Tomar for a Knights Templar tour from Lisbon. In search of the Holy Grail or just a scenic tour, capture the Templar spirit in Portugal!

Discover Tomar Knights Templar Castle and Convent of Christ and immerse yourself in its fascinating history.

Relive the boat trip of Knights Templar to Almourol Castle, and take in the spectacular scenery.

Tuesday to Sunday 8.30 AM - 5.00 PM

per person
2 people175€
3 people133€
4 people115€
5 people105€
6-7 people93€
  • Boat ride to Almourol Castle
  • Ticket to Convent of Christ
  • Guide inside monuments
  • English-Speaking Licensed Guide
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  • Bottled Water
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  • Lunch

Tomar Knights Templar Tour Itinerary

Hotel pick up
Boat ride - Almourol Castle
Church of Santa Maria do Olival
Tomar Castle & Convent of Christ
Tomar (free time for lunch - own expense)
Hotel drop off
Mercedes C-Class stationwagon Knights Templar tour vehicle
Mercedes C-Class
  • 2-3 people
  • Mercedes vito Knights Templar tour vehicle
    Mercedes Vito
  • 4-7 people
  • Knights Templar Private Tour from Lisbon

    Lisbon hotel pick up

    Departing at 8:30 AM from your hotel, the Knights Templar Private Tour takes you north (1,5hr trip), to Almourol, the island castle.

    Hop on a boat to visit the iconic Almourol Castle

    After a very short boat ride, walk in the footsteps of the Knights Templar as you wonder the islet. Here you can find out more about the myths and legends surrounding the whereabouts of the "Holy Grail". Learn the role it had during the Discoveries Era.
    The scenery is off the charts and you'll have plenty of photo opportunities.
    Then, be whisked to Tomar, the city of the Templars - and their former headquarters.

    Pantheon of the Portuguese Templar Masters

    Highlights include a stop at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Olival (Our Lady of the Olive Grove), the burial church of the Portuguese Templar Masters, and the "Mother Church" for all parishes in the Portuguese overseas territories in Asia, Africa and America.

    Guided tour of the Tomar Templar Castle and Convent of Christ

    The guide will take you through the different parts of the impregnable fortress and convent, that has been used for centuries, and tell you its fascinating history. Discover the myths and legends surrounding the Warrior Monks.

    Stroll through Tomar’s ancient streets

    Have lunch in the Tomar center, where your guide can advise you on where to eat. Take a stroll around the historic center.

    Lisbon hotel drop off

    From Tomar, you will return to Lisbon, arriving at your hotel at approximately 5:00 PM.

    Tomar Knights Templar Private Tour

    Foundation of the Knights Templar

    They are born in a Jerusalem already conquered for Christianity, in a war in the name of God: Crusade.

    To protect pilgrims from attacks and robberies, on the way to the Holy Land, 9 knight-monks formed a brotherhood - the Order of the Temple is born! They stayed at what was thought to be the location of the ancient Temple of Solomon (destroyed long ago), hence the name Knights of the Temple or Templars.

    Templars were a powerful war machine

    For two centuries, the Order was a military elite. The first to arrive at a battle and the last to leave. The most powerful war machine of its time. All of them secondborn sons of nobility, trained in cavalry, who took a vow of perpetual crusade. A militia of Christ that only depended on the pope.

    The Templars were the richest Order in Europe

    Countless donations, relics trade, but mainly their banking activity, made the Knights Templar the richest Order in Europe, surpassing even the Church.

    Managed internationally in commanderies/provinces, they received deposits, issued account statements and bills of exchange, made loans with interests.

    Converted into bankers for kings and kingdoms, it was this activity that led to their downfall...

    Fall of the Knights Templar

    The fall of Jerusalem (1291) marks the beginning of the fall of the Templars, for they have lost their purpose.

    On Friday 13th October of 1307, all french members of the Order were arrested, by order of king Philip IV, the Fair. Around 20,000 members were arrested simultaneously - 546 were knights - and accused of denying Christ. The French king used the Templar Order and its wealth: he owed them an exorbitant loan that he had no intention of paying back.

    Later, Pope Clement V ordered to all Christian kings the confiscation of its assets and approved the extinction of the Order of the Temple. Jacques de Molay, the last grand master, was burned alive on the outskirts of Paris, cursing the king and the pope, who died shortly afterwards.

    What happened to the Templars in Portugal?

    Portugal owed the Templars the conquest and formation of the kingdom. And the story here is going to be very different!

    Come and discover it in Tomar!

    More about the Almourol Castle
    Knights Templar Tour

    Almourol castle was part of a set

    One of the monuments that best evokes the memory of the Templars; the Almourol castle was one out of seven. Each castle was visible to the other and communicated by fire. A tower-to-tower communication technique used by the Templars.

    This one was built to create a defensive line on the river, the southern border of this territory. An important strategic position for the defense of Coimbra, the kingdom's capital.

    Almourol Castle still has traces of Templar military architecture

    Of very ancient origins, probably pre-Roman; the castle of Al-morolan (high stone, in Arabic) was taken, in 1129, during the Christian Conquest, and handed over to the Templars.

    Rebuilt by the Templars between 1160 and 1171, we can still find their traces in the architecture today. As in the carved Templar cross, the keep in the center of the castle, or the scarp, among others.

    A Templar treasure is still hidden

    As an ancient site, Almourol is full of myths and legends. According to one, a Templar treasure is still hidden somewhere on the islet.

    Last Reviews

    Must see when in Lisbon!

    "All sites were spectacular. Saw the Almourol castle, the knights templar pantheon church, the Tomar castle and Convent of Christ, all in one day! Our guide was fabulous, lots of information about the sites we visited. I would highly recommend!"
    Michael Green (Phoenix, US)

    Fabulous day at Tomar. Excellent tour guide

    "Awsome experience. Being able to walk a 12th century Knights Templar castle wall was a lifetime experience. Convent of Christ left me breathless with its grandeur and history. A memorable end to our trip to Portugal. Will def recommend!!"
    Susan Baker (Los Angeles, US)

    Very interesting knights templar tour

    "Incredible trip! Our guide was excellent, very knowledgeable. You can tell she also has a passion for the knights templar. Sites were quiet and the photos amazing. Perfect all round. Big thanks! What a great day!"
    Logan Miller (Glasgow, UK)

    Frequently Asked Questions about Knights Templar Tour to Tomar from Lisbon

    How many people will be on the Knights Templar day trip from Lisbon?

    Knights Templar Tour to Tomar from Lisbon is private. Just you and your party, up to 7 people, plus the guide.

    Will I visit the Almourol Castle on the Knights Templar Tour?

    Sure. You will visit the Almourol Castle with ticket and guide. Nevertheless, please note that the boat ride to Almourol Castle is subject to river and weather conditions.

    Will the guide go inside the Convent of Christ (Tomar) with me?

    Yes! Your guide is knowledgeable and licensed. The tour includes a guided visit inside the Castle of Tomar and Convent of Christ.